Daniel Johnston — True Love Will Find You In The End


Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski in The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967).

Landon Metz
“After the earth dies, some 5 billion years from now, after it’s burned to a crisp, or even swallowed by the Sun, there will be other worlds and stars and galaxies coming into being — and they will know nothing of a place once called Earth.”

—  Carl Sagan
Jean-Pierre Léaud

Annabel Mehran

Nils Frahm — Ambre


Vase with Irises ~ Vincent van Gogh

david hamilton
“A year ago I would’ve never guessed life would be the way it is now.”

Female hands by Emilio Sommariva, 1935
“It is not humiliating to be unhappy. Physical suffering is sometimes humiliating, but the suffering of being cannot be, it is life.”

—  Albert Camus, from Notebooks 1951-1959