ph. Carlo Mollino


Only six FOUR TWO nights until I see the loveliest boy in the world again.

(✿ ♥‿♥)



Jean-Luc Godard, La Chinoise, 1967.
“I can’t get you out of my mind tonight; the corner of the sofa where you sat is haunted for me by your presence, the whole flat seems full of you —”



Excerpt from a letter to Virginia Woolf from Vita Sackville-West, Saturday night [27 November 1926]

Slowdive  Dagger

Bilinda Butcher

Her moss of sleep upon the bark of night,
Her surf of dreams upon the tide of rest;
So do we lie;
The lark of now into the song of sky;
Our leaf of love upon the tree of time
- Ronald Duncan
“How frail the human heart must be —
a mirrored pool of thought.”

—  Sylvia Plath’s first poem, written at age 14.
Jules et Jim (1962), dir. François Truffaut
Bambina / Le Farò da Padre (1974), dir. Alberto Lattuada