(I'm filled with secrets. Where I'm from, the birds sing
a pretty song and there is always music in the air. Sometimes my arms bend back.)


Titania Dreaming (2012), Paulina Otylie Surys
 23 Apr 19th
"I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away."

~ Vincent van Gogh in a letter to his brother, Theo [x]

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Baccarat 1764 Two Hundred and Fifty Years [The book] recalls 250 years of the Maison Texts by Murray Moss and Laurence Benaïm | Rizzoli New York [10 Corso Como]
 44 Apr 19th
"I have too many romantic fantasies and they make me sad."

~ Graham Coxon

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Edipo re (Oedipus Rex), Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1967
 3030 Apr 19th
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Cover Me (Slowly)

Twin Peaks
 19 Apr 19th
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"you said Is
there anything which
is dead or alive more beautiful
than my body,to have in your fingers
(trembling ever so little)?
          Looking into
your eyes Nothing,i said,except the
air of spring smelling of never and forever.

…and through the lattice which moved as
if a hand is touched by a
moved as though
fingers touch a girl’s
          Do you believe in always,the wind
said to the rain
I am too busy with
my flowers to believe,the rain answered"

~ ee cummings, you said Is

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 24 Apr 19th

Belle de Jour (1967)
 253 Apr 19th
"I am terrified by this dark thing
That sleeps in me;
All day I feel its soft, feathery turnings, its malignity."

~ Sylvia Plath

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