(I'm filled with secrets. Where I'm from, the birds sing
a pretty song and there is always music in the air. Sometimes my arms bend back.)


Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi: Inlaid flowers wind across the mosque’s 183,000-square-foot marble courtyard.
Photograph by Dave Yoder, National Geographic
 7744 Apr 18th
 8672 Mar 26th
Evolution Door by Klemens Torggler 
 102 Feb 9th

 90 Dec 7th

Scott Burton, Granite Seating
 88 May 27th

 28 Mar 13th

The Teatro Regio designed by Carlo Mollino, 2003 — Peter Marlow
 155 Mar 9th
 30562 Nov 27th

Crystal On Sphere (1920), Wassili Luckhardt
 183 Nov 22nd

La Perle (Henri d’Ursel, 1929)
 941 Oct 14th
 14506 Sep 15th
Empire (1964), Andy Warhol

“Empire consists of a single stationary shot of the Empire State Building filmed from 8:06 p.m. to 2:42 a.m., July 25–26, 1964. The eight-hour, five-minute film, which is typically shown in a theater, lacks a traditional narrative or characters. The passage from daylight to darkness becomes the film’s narrative, while the protagonist is the iconic building that was (and is again) the tallest in New York City. Warhol lengthened Empire’s running time by projecting the film at a speed of sixteen frames per second, slower than its shooting speed of twenty-four frames per second, thus making the progression to darkness almost imperceptible. Non-events such as a blinking light at the top of a neighboring building mark the passage of time. According to Warhol, the point of this film—perhaps his most famous and influential cinematic work—is to ‘see time go by.’”
 982 Sep 9th

The lobby of a New York office building in the 1980s, as photographed by Steven Siegel
 1502 Sep 5th
 8871 Aug 25th
 17 Jul 25th