(I'm filled with secrets. Where I'm from, the birds sing
a pretty song and there is always music in the air. Sometimes my arms bend back.)


21.12lbs Pink Aragonite specimen. Origin: Xichan, Sichuan, China
 7521 Apr 15th
 1080 Apr 14th

Jochen Lempert
 100 Apr 9th
 8622 Apr 4th
ph. Ata Kandó
 10 Apr 2nd
ph. Ata Kandó
 120 Apr 2nd
 353 Apr 1st
Medea (1969), dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini
 23 Mar 31st
 66 Mar 28th

A man feeding swans and ducks from a snowy river bank in Krakow
 483518 Mar 25th
 3197 Mar 23rd

Undated autochrome of a water lily garden.Photograph by Franklin Price Knott, National Geographic
 8578 Mar 22nd
 21730 Mar 15th

Reddened by an atmospheric effect, the sun sinks into the sea.
National Geographic - January, 1955
 519 Mar 15th

(back endpapers) skoal scandinavia by edward streeter,
harper & brothers, 1952
via stopping off place
 1267 Mar 14th